Must Visit NT Spots for Your Boating Adventure

So, you’re keen to explore the wild wonders of Australia’s Top End, huh? Buckle up, because we’ve got the scoop on some epic boat trip spots up north!

Darwin Harbour

First up, we’ve got Darwin Harbour. Picture-perfect sunsets, fishing charters and island hopping – it’s all happening here. Bathurst and Melville Islands are just waiting to be explored.

Kakadu National Park

Next stop, Kakadu National Park. This UNESCO gem is packed with Aboriginal history, wildlife galore, and wetlands begging to be cruised. Get ready for some serious nature vibes on Yellow Water Billabong.

Tiwi Islands

Then there’s the Tiwi Islands, a ferry ride away from Darwin. Think pristine beaches, Aboriginal culture, and top-notch fishing. Don’t miss out on the art centers and traditional ceremonies!

Arnhem Land

Feeling adventurous? Head to Arnhem Land for some off-the-grid boating. Think secluded beaches, ancient rock art and zero crowds. It’s the ultimate escape.

Adelaide River

If you’re into heart-pounding wildlife encounters, Adelaide River’s jumping crocs are a must-see. Just watch out for those toothy smiles!

Gulf of Carpentaria

And let’s not forget the Gulf of Carpentaria. Remote fishing spots, rugged coastlines and sunsets to die for – it’s a boater’s paradise.

Mary River

For a taste of wetland wonders, cruise along Mary River. Keep your eyes peeled for salties, barramundi and a colorful bird crew.

Dundee Beach

Lastly, there’s Dundee Beach, a fishing hotspot southwest of Darwin. Think marine life galore and beaches begging for a BBQ.

Remember, when you’re out and about, show some love to the land and respect the Aboriginal sites. The Top End is calling, so grab your sunscreen and set sail for an adventure with Buffalo Boat Hire Tours!

Buffalo Boat Hire and Tours

Buffalo Boat Hire & Tours, founded by local Wade, offers unique NT adventures that honour his heritage. With deep local knowledge, Wade creates unforgettable experiences showcasing the Territory’s natural wonders.


First Nations Acknowledgement

Buffalo Boat Hire & Tours respectfully acknowledges the First Nations people of this country and recognises their continuing connections to their lands, waters and communities. We pay our respects to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, and to their leaders past, present and emerging.

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